Duel On The Delaware!!!!

This is kind of a copy of John’s post off of the NJ invitationals thread, but this might be seen more on it’s own.


Another hot competition being inaugurated this fall is The Duel on the Delaware. This competition will be held at Salem Community College in Carney’s Point, New Jersey (at intersection of NJ, PA, and DE). On Saturday, October 12th, 2002.

This competition is a joint effort between host teams #365 (MOE - Miracle Workerz) and #316 (Lunatecs) and our gracious sponsor, The DuPont Company.

This is an invitational event, but since it is our first year, if there are teams interested now, you can contact us to sign up. We will accept a maximum of 24 teams.

In honor of the 200th Anniversary of DuPont as a company, THERE WILL BE NO REGISTRATION FEE!!! We will be requiring a “security deposit” of $100 that teams will get back upon arrival to the event.

If you are interested, please contact John Larock (John.A.Larock@usa.dupont.com). We are currently accepting teams.

Free the sticks!!!

Understand your concerns re: dates.

As many off-season competition schedulers can attest to, sometimes the date chosen is not arbitrary. This one was chosen due to (1) availability of event location and (2) not trying to hold an event close to another [in this case, the RAMP RIOT event at Wissahickon HS in Ambler, PA].

We hope teams can make it, as it we are planning it to be very special.

hope to see you there!

Do you have a website for the event? Schedule, team list, etc.

No website is up yet. Since we have been concentrating on invited teams so far, we have limited information. Website should be active soon.

However, remaining slots will be up for grabs within a week. We have at least 12 of 24 slots filled so far. Have not heard from some invited teams yet. I understand some are waiting for school to start.

We will fill the remaining slots on a first-come, first-served basis starting soon.

Free the Sticks!!!


Hey you wouldn’t happen to have a list of teams that are currently registered for the duel would you?

The following teams have indicated that they will attend the Duel on the Delaware in October (some still need to complete paperwork and send in a security deposit for a slot):


Hope that helps.

A website for the event is currently under construction. It is located at www.moe265.org.

The sticks MAY be there…depends how well they do in slave labor (they’ve been slacking a little lately). :D;)

*Originally posted by John Larock *
A website for the event is currently under construction. It is located at www.moe265.org. **

I think you mean www.moe365.org

*Originally posted by Jim Giacchi *

I think you mean www.moe365.org **

The 2 is so close to the 3, you know. The specific Duel page is here. It will be updated when more teams register, and for any updates.