Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: Poll GRAND CHAMPION

We’ve had 6 Weekly Polls (well only 1 entry for the first 2 so you’ve only voted on 4), now to pick the GRAND CHAMPION GIF from among the winners so far
13 entries this week to the Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest

Watch 'em all, vote for the Dukes of Stronghold gif you think is best

Watch the first one just because it kills me every time I watch it but it isn’t a Dukes of Stronghold Gif so you can’t vote for it. TOO BAD, but I’m bound by the former me’s rulings on the matter.

Waterbury Qualification 25, 2785 gets blind-sided

  1. 2016scmb_qm28_5063_cj3958
  2. 2016casd_sf2m1_1266_Joe_Ross
  3. 2016wamou_qm13_4682_4682_RC3
  4. 2016alhu_qm64_2815_3861_Scott_England
  5. 2016onto_qm51_5031_sangu
  6. 2016tnkn_f1m1_4264_jSchnitz

The stakes are not high, a $10 gift card for the CD user who submitted it but there are bragging rights to consider as well. So… …there’s that.

Vote early, vote often…

Dr. Joe J.

I’m sensing that the community really enjoys a good Goomba Stomp…

Honestly, they just kept getting better and better as I watched them again and again. Hard to choose, but stick by #5 for the flip.

I went with #6 (schnitz) - good animation, follow-through by the Dukes, and Roscoe appears to be incapacitated.

Next were

#3 - good animation and nice synchronization. If Bo and Luke’d had a second car, this might have gotten my vote.
#0 - not a Dukes moment, but a carey (I understand that’s Spanish for tortoise.) Still, as Dr. Joe notes, good stuff.
#4 - Good, but getting stuck atop your alliance partner is not nearly as Dukes as crippling your opponent by bouncing off.

The others are taken from poor camera angles and/or missing key frames.

These are all really good ones… I’ll be honest, it was hard to choose. Ended up going with #5. As the driver, I can relate to flipping the robot like that on a rough one like the moat/rockwall.

This is a very tight poll. Closes soon. Vote now. JJ

As of right now we have a 3 horse race (28 to 30 to 30). Poll closes tomorrow. Get your vote in for the best of the best Dukes of Stronghold gif.

Dr. Joe J.

Waiting for someone to make a parody video with all of these submissions…


jSchnitz you now the drill. Let me know if you want your gift card over easy or sunny side up.

Thanks to all for participating.

Now lets all go watch our 8 streams from St. Louis.

Dr. Joe J.