Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: Poll Week 2

4 entries this week to the Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest

Watch 'em all, vote for the Dukes of Stronghold gif you think is best.

  1. 2016onto_qm51_5031_sangu

  2. 2016orwil_qm47_3673_miklast

  3. 2016mike2_qm52_0818_Boe

  4. 2016malb_sf2m1_5089_Joe_Ross

The winner gets a $10 gift card for the CD user who submitted it and the entry goes in the mix for the season grand gif finale.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future Dukes of Stronghold moments to submit for next week’s prize.

Dr. Joe J.

Oh goodness #1 /thread /season

#4 That was big air and they popped a wheelie :ahh:

That poor robot :frowning:

I’m surprised at the results so far. The current lead is not the one I voted for (and the world see things just as I do - or should anyway, that’s settled law :wink:

Keep those votes coming…

Dr. Joe J.

These are all either hilarious or impressive, so making a choice was tough

The hand-stand is what did it for me. It happened in slow motion, you can feel the earth stand still.

I love them all but in my book one is clearly more Dukes of Hazzard-esque. I’m just saying…

Dr. Joe J.

I guess I’m in the minority but I just love the little line up motion at the start of 2.

Handstand for me, there is a moment when you wonder which end it will land on…

Just a reminder. This poll closes tomorrow. New poll for Week #3 coming soon.

Dr. Joe J.

Sangu. You are this week’s gif winner. PM me to claim your $10 gift card.

Others, use this thread to submit your entries for THIS week*:

Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: OFFICIAL SUBMISSIONS ONLY

Only 2 entrants as of the moment I am typing. Not too terrible of odds.

Dr. Joe J.

P.S. If you want to discuss the contest itself or other non-submission things use this thread:
Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: Discussion Thread

*No requirement that the gif be of a match that happened win week 3, just that it be an official Stronghold Match.