Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: Week 3 Poll

5 entries this week to the Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest

Watch 'em all, vote for the Dukes of Stronghold gif you think is best.

  1. 2016wamou_qm13_4682_4682_RC3
  2. 2016gadal_f1m2_5632_JohnFogarty
  3. 2016mndu_sf2m1_2227_Caleb Sykes
  4. 2016vapor_qm38_2363_ToddF
  5. 2016ilpe_qm26_2169_ClockworkGold

The winner gets a $10 gift card for the CD user who submitted it and the entry goes in the mix for the season grand gif finale.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for future Dukes of Stronghold moments to submit for next week’s prize.

Dr. Joe J.

At the end will there be a Duke of Stronghold title?

My vote goes to the synchronized jumping. :smiley:

Yes, of course, after we’ve crowned all the weekly champs we’ll have a run off to determine an overall champ. (insert dual World Championship joke here)

Dr. Joe J.

As much as people have commented about our driving i’m surprized someone hasn’t posted a GIF of us somewhere, especially from the second week.

Very close vote. Poll closes soon. Make your voice heard…

Just 5 votes separate 1st & 2nd place. Get your vote in before the poll closes…

these are so much fun to watch every week… always so hard to pick just one :stuck_out_tongue:

We have a winner! RC3, PM me and we’ll work out your $10 gift card details, Amazon seems to be the easiest, but Starbucks and others are possible if you prefer.

In the mean time, all ya’ll, this week is going to be a banner week for Dukes of Stronghold gifs. Submit your entries here: Dukes of Stronghold GIF Contest: OFFICIAL SUBMISSIONS ONLY.

Week 4 could be the best Dukes of Stronghold poll yet… …stay tuned…

Dr. Joe J.