Duluth MN Regionals Weather Alert

Greetings from Team 4009 DNA Robotics in snowy Duluth MN. I just wanted to post up that currently Duluth is experiencing some medium to heavy snowfall that is expected to continue throughout the day. So please take that into consideration as your teams travel to Duluth today for load in. We want you all to arrive safely so we can compete with you at the Lake Superior Regional and for the others at the Northern Lights Regional.


Thanks for the warning from Team 93! We look forward to competing with you at Lake Superior!


It wouldn’t be a regional in Duluth without a little snow :). Looking forward to being on-site in a few hours for field setup!


Looks like snow will clear up by load in(5:00ish) best hopes it doesn’t go into load in time cause I don’t want a snowy robot :grinning:

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Can’t wait to drive a 10 passenger van through this… hope everybody drives safe!


We like to keep things interesting in Duluth. And our big lake makes our weather that much more interesting.


I just came back from bringing the volunteer stuff to the DECC. The roads are not great, but currently drivable. I saw the trucks that are transporting the fields, so that’s a good sign.

At least we’re getting the blizzard out of the way early so we don’t need to have teams evacuating during playoffs. Duluth schools are considering canceling after school activities, so in an interesting turn of events, it may be the local teams who arrive late because of the snow.


Every. Single. Year.

Good luck to my fellow van drivers


Holy… stay safe everyone!

Keep an eye on the map… https://www.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=b2acb87ff5514fac8349b641c91dcc26 Does look like it’s clearing up

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I’m not a meteorologist, but work with plenty, so take this with a grain of salt.

Snow band movement is cross-band, as in the short axis of the band are along the motion vector. So short bursts of intense snow. If you are driving in a band just waiting 20 minutes at a gas station should help, you don’t wanna deal with Duluth hills and snow if you can help it.

Here is the update from the NWS this morning

.UPDATE… Issued at 654 AM CST Wed Mar 1 2023 Snow reports thus far this morning over portions of Becker, Hubbard, and northern Cass counties have been in the 2 to 6 inch range. The greatest totals were found under a mesoscale band of moderate to [heavy snow](NOAA's National Weather Service - Glossary snow) which was stationary over northern Cass and southern Itasca counties overnight. With another 2 to 4 inches of snow expected for those areas and 3 to 6 inches farther east into Carlton and St. Louis counties, an upgrade to a Winter Storm Warning seems appropriate. The main concern is [heavy snow](NOAA's National Weather Service - Glossary snow) this morning into the early afternoon. Moderate to [heavy snow](NOAA's National Weather Service - Glossary snow) is likely over central portions of Cass, northern Crow Wing, south Itasca, north Aitkin and southern St. Louis counties before noon today. Total snow accumulation in the warning area should be in the 5 to 8 inch range, with most of that falling over a 12-hour period. Depending on how the snowband evolves, we may eventually need upgrades portions of northwest Wisconsin. Whether that ends up being the northern tier, southern tier, or some of both will be determined by where the band sets up. Currently an eastward propagating band of moderate to [heavy snow](NOAA's National Weather Service - Glossary snow) stretched from northern Cass County south-southeast to the Twin Cities. As long as that band continues to advance east, the [heavy snow](NOAA's National Weather Service - Glossary snow) for any location under it should be limited to around an hour.

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Current view out my front door.


Made it up here from the cities about 2 hours ago - near-0 visibility for about half the drive. Stay safe everyone!

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I saw a truck rolled over going up I-35 and the trailer attached was from Rockford High School. Any know if that was associated with Team 4693? I hope they’re alright.

What I’ve heard: mentors driving it are self-reported as ok. Trailer is not driveable, was taken to a shop and another team sent their trailer down to transfer items and get them to the event.

Another team also had their trailer skid and scrape a barrier, but was still driveable and made it to load in.

Could be more that I didn’t hear about - so stay safe, everyone!


Rockford’s robot and all their supplies have been delivered to Duluth. Everyone is fine and from early inspection the robot seems fine as well. The bumpers took most of the damage and we will be getting some new plywood cut for them tomorrow. But the most important part is that the team and all mentors are safely at their hotel and all in good spirits.


I messaged David directly but figured I would put this out there for everyone in this thread. We just slid off the road on highway 53 coming into Superior, everyone is okay and the local Sheriff is here helping us. But we may need some help moving robot supplies and people tomorrow depending on how things go tonight digging us out. Thanks in advance for any help!

Team 1732


Good thing I can’t sleep tonight. Replied to your message. Let me know if we can help.

Van and trailer (and team!) are all alright and we should be good on our own this morning. See you all in a few hours!


Glad to hear that. If you need anything let us know. Good luck.