Duluth Regional Dates for Next Year??

Does anyone know the dates for the Duluth regional for next season? If so could you please share. My team is already looking for hotels and other planning and we are having trouble finding the exact dates of the regional for next year. I appreciate your time and help

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No dates for any regionals have been officially posted yet - FIRST usually waits until the fall to post dates, as they usually don’t have all the venue contracts ready until then.

Looking at a calendar, Kickoff is Jan 3, so Stop Build day should be Feb 17. That puts week 1 events starting Thursday Feb 26, week 2 Thursday Mar 5, etc.

Duluth has, so far, always been a week 2 event. However, I’ve heard rumors that it might be moving to week 1 next year. Until the official dates are released from FIRST, I wouldn’t book any hotels.


Traditionally, FRC has released all event date and location information after Labor Day in September. By that point, we usually, but not always, have all event dates and locations locked down. The downside to this approach is that many teams would like to know these dates much earlier, because of the numerous advantages to be able to start planning event attendance before September. I’ve seen attempts to predict the FRC schedule from bits of data culled from here and there. This tells me there is enough interest for us to make a change.

So, starting now, we’re going to release event date and location information as soon as that information is confirmed. In many cases, ‘confirmed’ will mean FIRST HQ has signed a contract with the venue hosting the event. In others, it will mean the Districts have told us the dates and locations have been confirmed, in situations where the Districts do their own contracting. We will be updating this information at least weekly, as confirmations roll in.

I think you mean Thursday Feb 26th, Jon. Unless you’re expecting regionals to start 2.5 weeks before Stop Build next year. =P

He’s right though - I’d look at hotels and have a pick list for either week, so you’re ready to book them the day FIRST announces regional dates. It’s awesome to start planning this early, but I wouldn’t start booking until you’re sure.

Yes, you’re right… I went and edited my post.

Thanks for your replies. Appreciated.