Dumb (but important to me) Question!

Ok this is probably really dumb but i downloaded the latest Camera Code and im using last years controller to get the camera working to replace our non functioning camera on our bot (last years cam). and i need to know if i just costomize this coding will it work, instead of making my code accept the camera?

Key words highlighted.

This years controller is different from last years. I’m not a programming guy but I do know that they are two completely different things.

Yes i know that, i followed the instructions in the using_last_years_FRC.txt to change the library files and i have changed the proccessor to last years also.

…not a dumb question!

We have successfully built Kevin Watson’s code, using the pic 8520 libraries and operated the camera on a 2004 and 2005 FRC. We followed the instructions in using_last_years_FRC.txt … just as you said. We’ve also mixed and matched 2005 and 2006 cameras, boards and TTL-RS232 cards.

It should work for you, too…good luck!


thank you very much!