Our team , 1523’s bot is a dumper, we went to two regionals and we didnt see any other robots that did that, except for one which didnt really dump as much as kinda roll a bit. I was curious, did other teams do that? as much as id love it if we were unique, i do wanna know if some other teams did it too

Team 224 is a dumping robot, and we are EXTREMELY pleased with our robot. At Rutgers, we were the 2nd ranking robot, with the best autonomous scoring.
Also, we placed 4th at Hatboro-horsham, 3rd at Rutgers, and 3rd at Lenape

there are a number of dumpers that i’ve seen out there. They’re not nearly as common as shooters but a couple from here in the pacific northwest are teams 3968 and 3219.

you can see them both here at the spokane regional.


Congrats you guys!!! We got seeded 4th and then seeded 8th and moved up to 5th. Were really proud of ours too.it seems like all the dumpers are nowhere near florida.:slight_smile: I am glad to hear about other teams though

3528, Up Next, did one to great effect at both Greater Kansas City, seeding 2nd, and at Oklahoma, winning the entire regional. I know there were a couple more of them in Oklahoma, but their numbers aren’t coming to mind…

3968 and 3219 were the scoring duo for their alliance with 3663! They are all great competitors and, but for the stellar defensive play of 1983, things could have played out differently…

340 is a very effective two-point dunk bot. They were finalists at FLR and Champions at Buckeye, and deservedly so.

340 was the #2 seed at both the Finger Lakes regional and the Buckeye regional. They were finalists at FLR and Champions at Buckeye. They have been ranked in the FRC Top 25 twice and they are in the “others receiving votes” currently.

Team 702 also has a dumper, and was the #2 seed at the LA regional.

2084 had a dumping robot that always scored a 10-point autonomous and were finalists at Boston 3 weeks ago.

3947 dumped its way into the #3 seed and captain, and got all the way to the finals of Boilermaker. Too bad they didn’t have the performance they had in the quals, otherwise they would have put up a serious fight for the regional win.

We were gonna dump, but when we got the dumper attached, it shot threes from the fender instead… We figured it would be best not to fix it. :stuck_out_tongue:
We were even gonna have a little ramp to roll the ball down.
I had it programmed and everything, and I believe that code maybe still there, and we still call it the dumper.

Team 3528 did place first in the oklahoma regional two weeks ago. We won that,tournament and are now going to world. In the Kc regional we got all our hrybrid points, didnt miss a single one. Our robot is a very successful scissor lift.