I’ve seen a lot of talk about shooters. However, I’m wondering if teams are having success with dumpers because right after kickoff there were a lot of threads debating shooters vs. dumpers. I’m sorry if there’s already a thread about this please post if there is.

Thank you.

Why can’t a team do both? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m currently working with two teams, one is making a shooter, the other is making a “power dumper”

I would imagine that there are plenty of teams pursuing a dumper that are having some great success - at least with the engineering aspect of it. The big question with a dumper has to do more with game play, however, and ensuring you can get in range and hold the trailer in place long enough to dump. I expect we’ll find out how well dumpers really work in a few weeks!

I figure the best shooter will be a pure shooter, and the best dumper will be a pure dumber. Not saying a hybrid can’t be good at both, just not the best at both.

our team is doing both. we store the balls in a compartment on the top front half of the robot. One side of this compartment can be raised or lowered by pneumatics while the other half is on a hinge. When we raise the end up we have a door that we can open on the front of the robot to dump the balls. if we lower it then we have the balls running to a shooter in the back of the bot.:yikes:

Our team is having success with a dumper. It is basically a hopper with a rotating base as an agitator.

here is my opinion:
shooters rely on programmers
dummpers rely on drivers
at this point, im pretty sure that whatever a team has decided to build, regardless of how well it will work, will continue with their plan. its too late to turn around and change things up that great.

It’s like an X-wing, an A-Wing, and a Y-Wing. The A-Wing (shooter) is fast and has a powerful laser, while the Y-Wing (dumper) delivers a large payload. The X-wing (hybrid) combines both, but can’t do either job as well.

Working Star Wars references into everything I can :smiley:

I’m not saying we will change.

I’ve seen a few videos of dumpers that look like they work great. We’re doing a shooter, and I agree that it is a challenge for the programmers


our team has had a big discusion about this, and we found pro’s and con’s about both. dumpers are faster, but a loading system is harder to figure in. a shooter is easier to pick up balls, but it’s slower to unload.

team 2115: We started with a dumper design and abandond it because even when we were bumper to bumper the balls rolling out of the hopper did not move far enough horizontally to consistantly get into the trailer.

I have seen two dumpers so far, one with a power assist to speed the balls out of the hopper. Neither worked well but it is early.

We have found our thrower mechanism has a trajectory consistant enough to put a ball the trailer at a 3-4’ range.

Mechanically we are fine but as stated befor the challenge is in the programming to aim the thrower

We had some testing time today, and our dumper, which recently turned into a power dumper, was able to get about 75% of the balls we’d picked up into the trailer in 1 dump. The balls that fell on the ground mostly ended up right in front of our robot and we were able to pick them right back up.

I’ve posted a few pictures on my blog, and have been updating our progress daily.

WE figured that both dumping and shooting would need static trailers( or very slow) and those opportunities would be very small so we might as well dump a whole lot of balls at once even if it’s only 75%…
the camera isn’t very fast… and we think that with our dumper we can score in motion as well as static… so all shooters beware of us :smiley:

We’re using a “Dumper”. It’s powered though and has a range of < 1 foot. Where Dumpers are going to shine is in the quantity of balls delivered in a short period. If you’re a high capacity (We’re 21-24 balls) and a high Speed Dumper (We’re ~2.5 sec for 21 balls) you should be able to hang with most of the shooters out there.

We’re doing a shooter. We figured it may be difficult in the later rounds to find an opponent that would graciously hold their trailer still long enough to show how good our imaginary dumper could be :wink: .

Getting a good idea about how robots and trailers will actually interact in this game is a difficult feat of extrapolation that makes my brain hurt. Does anyone have any video of scrimmages yet?

Who said anything about them graciously holding their trailer still? I expect to see dumpers gang up, bully, and push their opponents into a pinning situation.

I look forward to seeint the Astros shooter and tracking system in action at BAE. Good luck to y’all.

It will be interesting to see the composure of winning alliances and how well alliances can coordinate attacks and defensive maneuvers. This is my first year but my limited exposure to scrimmages (River Rage) and youtube videos for 2008 Overdrive is that it was difficult to recognize much successful alliance coordination. There are so many different potential components of scoring and defense this year, that I expect initially successful strategies will need to change dramatically as opposing teams compute effective countermeasures.

Our strategy sub-team has spent many hours trying to imagine real matches and came up with some ideas about early strategies… It should be great fun to see how many can actually work in only 135 seconds !

Good luck to Wapack and the rest of the teams!