Duplicate CAN device IDs

Hey guys,
We’re trying to daisy chain CAN talons and can’t seem to get them to use different device IDs. They only show up once in the RIO web interface, so I’m not sure what to do.

Help is very much appreciated!

Once you change the one that shows up in the web interface, another one will show up. Keep changing them until they all show up, then you can tweak the ID’s and names to represent what they are

That worked. Thanks!

No problem! It took us a bit to figure that part out. Whats fun is trying to name them after generating all the ID’s.

That’s what blinking the lights is for.

It usually works well if you only power one device at a time, so you know you’re communicating with that one. Assign it the ID (and name) you want, then pull its breaker and apply power to the next device you want to configure.