Duplicate Defenses?

Besides the low bar, are there going to be duplicates of defenses on the field? There are 8 unique defenses, but can each alliance pick the same ones? For example, if both alliances pick it, will there ever be two of the portcullis, one on each side?

Each of the eight defenses are grouped in pairs, and one of each pair will be on a side of the field each match. The defenses on the red and blue sides are irrelevant to each other (they could all be the same or all different, or anywhere in between) excepting the defense in position 3 that will be determined by the audience, which will always be the same for both sides.

doesnt something (either the parts or the position) move every few matches that the audience chooses?

There will need to be duplicates of each DEFENSE structure.

First, the audience selection would be the same for both sides. (And Mik, it’s picked once each ROUND - meaning the number of matches it takes for each team to play once,)

Then the alliances pick the other DEFENSES independently - so there’s nothing to prevent them from picking duplicates.

Every match, a different set of parts are put up for audience selection, but still in position 3 on the field. For example, in match 1, the audience may decide between defenses in set A. Then in match 2, they select between defenses in set B, and so on. But the audience-selected defenses are always in position 3.

Check again, they don’t change every match.

Oh thank goodness. I missed the round terminology in skimming that and was worried about the effect of voting every single match would have on cycle time.