Durability of AM Plaction Wheels for Parades

Hi everyone,
We are designing a showbot that will be partially used in parades (but mostly expos) for CT First. I was wondering if anyone had an comments on how AM plaction wheels hold up after driving on pavement in a parade. And after how many hours/miles the treads would need to be replaced?

If you have found that the wheels wear really quickly does anyone have any recommendations on what wheels would be usable instead? We’re trying to keep the appearance of the drive train to “look” like an FRC robot for demonstration purposes, but don’t want to wheels to wear too quickly. We’re planning on using 6 inchers.

Thanks so much,


Try this.


You’ll wear those out rather quickly if turning at all. If you’re only going straight, they might last. If you can make hubs to adapt them to your setup, I’d recommend Colson wheels for this use. In fact, this year, we chose Colson wheels for many reasons, but one of them being we didn’t want to deal with changing wheels/treads ever, including parades in the post-season.

I’d use AM Kit wheels. They’re cheaper and since it’s outside the FIRST season, you don’t really need maximum traction.

Unless you swapped the tread to a softer rubber, they should be good. We changed out the andymark rough-top for some Older stuff we had laying around. I think that rough-top tread gets grippier and less durrable as it ages and the oils come out.