Durham, NC Team Looking for more Mentors

I thought I would create a post and let the community know that we’re looking for additional mentors in Durham, NC. In particular we’re looking for mechanical mentors but we’ll take anyone we can get. The team has grown to over 50 students in the last few years and our mentor:student ratio is currently about 1:10 and we’d like to bring that down a bit. If you know of anyone then have them reach out and get in touch.

This team is pioneering - they were the only North Carolina team to be selected to beta test the 2015 FRC control system. They got the system fully operational on their 2014 robot in the offseason, and then they proceeded to use that robot to win the 1st-annual Rumble in the Roads.

This team is competitive - they’ve won the NC Regional twice in a row. Check them out at Championship; they’ll be doing some really great things.

This team is fun - just look at their zebra-stripe pants.

You should join this team.

Let’s talk. I’ve got a few United Therapeutics people in our RTP office who would love to help with a team!