Dutch Rookies after 4 weeks

Hello everyone,

we made a little video from our robot what we have right now! We’re the first native Dutch team.

Looking forward to our regional!

If you have any questions about the robot, feel free to ask!


Please check you permissions on that video. I think you set it to private.

Very nice! Welcome to FIRST!

Should be all set… I added more taggs as well and it’s on public!


SWEET. What regional are you attending?

Thanks! North Carolina! 14-16 March

Cool and I love the name of your team.

That suction cup arm is so cool! Do you have a video of it picking up discs?

Not yet! We tested the arm and picking up, to see if it can carry the weight + the movement. We have no material of it, yet. I will post it when it’s on the robot… we’re working on the valves etc!

Be careful with the suction cup arm. My team learned that suction cups don’t work well at picking up scratched discs.

Overall, very nice robot!

That suction cup arm is pretty sweet.

Very solid looking robot! It would be awesome to see you guys at champs. Good luck in NC! The suction cup arm looks really cool, how well does it work? We abandoned floor pick up in favor of driving to feeder stations, and that was one of our ideas and it would be nice to see it in action

VERY nice job!!! Many veteran teams (ours included) would be jealous of what you’ve accomplished in 4 weeks! It appears as though you can Bag and Tag it right now. Lucky you…

Team 3319 will be at the NC Regional. We are looking forward to meeting your team and seeing you robot in action. If you need anything at the regional just let us know.

That looks really nice… for a moment I was worried that you had only driven the robot on the linoleum floor, but some of the shots at the end make it look like you’ve been testing it on carpet, too.

We made a “rookie mistake” our first year, and built a four wheel drive, skid steer robot… that turned beautifully on hard surfaces like cement and linoleum, but when we got to the competition and put it on carpet… well… let’s just say robots perform much better when they can turn!


We’re working a sort of slide to get frisbee’s from the feeder station! We just wanted to be able to do as many parts of the game as we could… Now we can pick up, shoot in all the goals (pyramid pole not yet), climb the pyramid. We want to be able in fitting in into every team.

Great job, you’re doing great for your first season!! I’d just like to know how fast you’re able to pick up a frisbee with that suction cup arm. Looks really solid.

We use a pnuematic rotary cilinder. It can do a 270 degree angle, two times a second. We haven’t tested the full set up yet!

That’s awesome you guys. Congrats.

Dang, nice job, you guys! I’m happy to see European teams making an effort to participate in FIRST.
Too bad you aren’t competing in California.
Good luck!