DVD's Making and copying

I am wanting to comprise a DVD of Photos (various formats, jpeg, jpg, bmp) and video with sound from FIRST Competitions our team has been to.

I currently don’t have software for this, but am willing to get some. Is there any software out there that will let me create and copy my own DVDs for free? And if not, what should I buy? (I have Windows XP Pro, BTW)

Even though you’re using XP, look to see if someone (school, sponsor, parent, friend) has a Mac. iDVD (included with pretty much any Mac within the past few years) can crank out some very nice-looking product.

Thank you, I will definately look into getting iDVD for a MAC computer. Maybe there are things out there for my Slackware Linux too.

For windows, Nero isn’t bad. It doesn’t make things as nice looking as iDVD but it gets the job done.

i have a software for copying dvds for free it also comes with a lisense so you can copy any dvd the soft ware is called shrink or something like that

They don’t want to copy DVDs, they want to make them from pics and videos that they have on their PC.

iDVD comes standard on Macs. I would highly reccomend using it. I am a Television Major and professionals are known to create their reels using iDVD.

Thank you all. I am considering buying a newish mac for iDVD and re looking at Nero for XP which I have recently attempted using with much failure. I will also research for the shrink software with a license.

Thanks again for your comments everyone. :slight_smile: