Hey Everyone…

Okay I’m looking for your thoughts on this one. We’ve all seen for years the guys a FIRST with video cameras taping every single minute of every match that occurs at every regional. And these aren’t just hacks with camcorders these seem like really respectable production companies with nice equipment, video effects, etc. To what end??? From what I’ve seen little more than a 5 minute “wrap video” don’t get me wrong I think they are cool but…wouldn’t it be even cooler if this video were mastered into DVD collections and avalible for purchase??? A friend of mine was showing me DVDs done of the drum corps competitions he used to be a part of these are 12 DVD sets with the entire national competition and multiple camera angles…I think it would be awsome to have the FIRST comps preserved in this form and I know I would pay good money for DVD quality nationals. Just the simple uncut footage from these guys perhaps indexed by match number with some menus so you could jump to the matches your team was in and of course the voice of FIRST Blair :wink: So let me know what you think…


that would be totally awesome. Id pay however much it costed to get my hands on a set of DVD’s of nationals, or other competitions.


Widely available wideo duocumentation of all events is something that I believe is long overdue. I’d be willing to pay whatever the cost to FIRST is.

only if they include footage of us swing dancing at SVR :wink:

I would be willing to purchase them. Would FIRST get the money or would the photography companie?

Sounds like a good fundraiser too me. Have a team make their own DVDs like “Inside Beach Cities Robotics” and have all of the video coverage. Something to keep our videographer busy :slight_smile:

The Harker Robotics Team is selling DVDs of Sacramento and SVR for 10 bucks each… Its mostly focused on us, though, so… yeah. I don’t know what value it would have to other teams. :wink:

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**Sounds like a good fundraiser too me. Have a team make their own DVDs like “Inside Beach Cities Robotics” and have all of the video coverage. Something to keep our videographer busy :slight_smile: **

No offense, but Why would other teams want to know about your team so bad as to shell out money for a DVD? And especially since we are all on a very tight budget as it is.

That is true, maybe we should stick to making comp videos :slight_smile:

That would be so cool to have the matches on DVD. I am sure that it could be pieced together pretty well, considering that some teams must have the video feed taped.

I’d like to have DVD quality video of the competitions; but more importantly, I’d prefer to have quality video. Unfortunately, with four robots in the mix, trying to catch it all on video is next to impossible. At least it appears that way in what I’ve seen so far. The camera will be zoomed in on one bot; the announcer will be looking and talking about another; meanwhile, having seen the match in person, I know the real action was going on at the other end of the court.
Not to criticize the production crew – it must be akin to herding cats - but I would not buy it.

We have alot of videos of past compettition dating back to '92 and news reports and televsion specails. They come in very handy for making team videos about our past to our present.

I think most of us would pay a lot for a DVD of all the matches. For nationals there should be a DVD for each division, no annoying sudden switches in matches.

As I said most of us would pay alot, but it would be nice for free:D .

I’d pay for a division by division DVD set of the elims and finals. I would also pay for a regional version.

Didn’t FIRST do a survey a few years ago to see if teams would be interested in videos from competitions?

Out of curiosity, Justin, how much did the DVDs of the drum corps cost?

If they did have DVD’s, I’d get it for sure. At least it represents as a souveneir (sp?) from FIRST and gives us a memory of what happened that year.

that would be so cool to have DVDS to buy, I have wanted to show my family/friends/Teachers what I have been doing for the past few months.

It would be extremely nice to have some profesional video footage. It’s nice showing my parents home videos, but when it comes to something which is getting as big as this, it would be nice to be able to purchase a high quality video, to show the real level of this competition.

Just my thoughts

We should not pay for the five bucks dvd… Since the one grand should include the cost… Besides… We basically have to pay for the parts with sponsors… and the DVD’s with a film crew would cost less than a thousand dollars…

We were one of the lucky teams to hook onto video feeds on newton. We recorded all matches on our field on 8 video tapes which our engineers are having made into a set of DVDs for the students. It was so much easier than relying on a parents tape taken from audience. we had all that was shown on big screens with Digital quality.
unfortunately we were not able to get the feed for finals and closing ceremonies. Bad hookup? If anyone has a copy they could send us it would be appreciated.