DXF file for watercutting Tetra Clovers


I just made a DXF file that contains 36 Tetra Connectors (clovers) set up for watercutting.

If you have access to watercutting machines, I can save you the trouble of modeling them. PM me and I’ll e-mail it (116 KB).

The connectors are six strips of six clovers per strip. So, you’ll need to do a little work with an exacto knife. It’s set up that way so that the clovers don’t fall thru the slats and end up on the bottom of the tank.


It looks like you have not enabled PM or e-mail on your account so I cannot reach you. I would love to get that DXF because we plan on lasercutting a bunch of them. Please send it to dblack AT team696.org
Thanks so much.

Oops, My BAD - had someone sending me nastygrams, so I disabled it. Ill fire it up now.

EDIT// Done - also direct = JackJones AT comcast.net
I put them on my web space, but laying my browser on it just got me a text dump, rather than a download dialog - So e-mail attachment it is :o

Thanks to Kabir - Team #97 - DXFs are now available for FTPing.

There are two versions. A single Clover - in case you want to make you own array. And a 6 x 8 array - because that’s the size that fit the pieces of plastic we had.

The clovers in the array are not connected, as they were in my first version. We found out that they float (DUH!!); so no need to worry about doing any dumpster diving.

Find them here:

Single Clover

6 X 8 Array

I also have a set of drawings for these that I posted to the web site this morning.

The drawings that I posted are in DWG and DXF format and they are for the Tetra Connectors, the Center Goal Bottom Connectors, and the Center Goal Middle Connectors. All of these have perforations on the bend lines to make the bending easier to do by hand (or with a vice and pliers). These are setup to use the 1/4" bolts and the PVC end caps.

We laser cut ours and they all worked well.

Goto the Holland FIRST Robotics site to download. Please let me know if you have any problems.