Dying Breed!

Posted by Daniel, Student on team #192, Gunn Robotics Team, from Henry M Gunn Senior High School and NASA Ames.

Posted on 3/28/99 10:01 PM MST

Sorry for being the only non-skeptic, I guess I’m the dying breed here. Oh well, here goes:

I think nobody should be dumb enough to risk it. With 200+ 'bots and only 4 QMs, why would anyone throw their matches away with the assumption that some pre-allied team will get into the final 16? Of 4 matches, ONE could throw a team WAY down in seed. Is it worth the risk? No! Will someone try it? Probably, but they’re just gonna end up getting screwed. I’m not gonna complain about that! They deserve it.

Rejections, as I have stated before, are a GOOD thing. With 4 QMs it is unlikely the top 16 will be in the right order. Lets just say you’re an in-demand team. Would you wanna be with the guys who got lucky, or with the ones who deserve you? The main argument against rejections (that I’ve seen) is that they allow for these under the table dealings. But you’ve heard what I have to say about that. The other reason you guys don’t like it is because some “unfair” team will be created. As I said in a previous message: “THAT’S THE POINT!”. We WANT the best teams to share the gold, why shouldn’t they be on the same team?

You guys are very unhappy people =)
Look at the good side in everything, before you let yourself be overcome by the bad…k?