Dynamic Robot Weight Calculator

I’m in the process of developing a robot weight calculator similar to CyberBlue’s. However, the main difference is that this one is dynamic. Anybody can add parts to the database. The whole thing is PHP-driven, so no need for downloading

The site for the calculator is http://nrg.chaosnet.org/resource/build/weight If the page is not responding/giving errors, don’t worry, I’m probably just working on it.

Plus, I’ll be importing the data from CyberBlue’s database as soon as I can. If anybody wants to add data to the weight calculator, go to the site above (or the NRG home page in my signature) and register for an account. You then have full access to adding part data.

To do: Create an “Export” command that’ll download the whole thing (dynamically generated, of course) in XML format.