Just thought it was so cool when I went to DynDNS today to check out the services and found that they supported FIRST, on the front page.

News page can be found here:

Yes! I read about this not to long after the build season started. I was at a meeting and I ended screaming “DynDNS supports FIRST! w00t!”

This is cool…I’ve used DynDNS services for almost a year, I’d highly recommend them. Good to know some of my money is going back to help FIRST teams :]

The PowerKnights 501 should probably chime in about how they pulled DynDNS as a sponsor.

I use DynDNS all the time, to help setup cheap servers, I think more teams should start learning how to use DynDNS to setup a server. Maybe that means a whitepaper or just a few links to help teams get started.

http://txfirst.org - Lone Star Regional are running smooth with a DynDNS setup!

Please please please, post a whitepaper as that was exactly what I was going to the site for today.

And if 501 pulled them as a sponsor, major kudos!!! :smiley:

I’ve been using their free services for at least 5 or 6 years.

I read that somewhere earlier this year. I’ve been using their free service for 2-3 years for remote access and for test web servers. If anyone wants help getting it working with their system they can contact me.

Hey all,

We’re happy to support team 501 along with FCI and Homeseer :slight_smile: Being in the hometown of FIRST in Manchester, NH makes it a pretty cool thing too. It’s also my Alma Mater and my sister was on the team a couple years ago. We started out as a smaller sponsor a few years ago and gradually have increased our involvement.


Jeremy Hitchcock
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Dynamic Network Services, Inc.