E-stop bypass?

Is there a way we can bypass the e-stop button using LabVIEW so we can run our robot. We have to order a new button and we would like to run code while we are waiting for the replacement

go to the “diagnostic tab” iirc, double click on the “stop button” part

when you double click it, the question of whether you you will be careful or not pops up. just click yes and you will wait about 20-30 seconds for an over ride to occur then go ahead and enable and have fun!

What problems are you having with your old one?

Our old button only registers when we have the wire at a certain angle, give or take a few degrees, so we ordered another last week. Is this a problem that other teams are having too?

Same issue. Something is loose.

I think the button just has a couple of screws and may be snapped together as well. You can probably open it up and re-solder the wires. It should be a simple fix - there are only 4 wires for USB 1.1/2.0.

  • Bryce

Our stop button was having a similar problem… turns out there was a loose wire in the USB header that plugged into the computer. Snipped the cord, soldered on a new one, and we were good to go.

Same here. The cord is loose by the USB