E-Stop sticker

Can anybody give me the specks to the E-Stop button. Or tell me where to find one. We lost ours.

It’s roughly 2x1 and there will be extras at whatever regional you attend (atleast in Michigan, don’t know about other regions)

You could just press the spacebar

Oh I was thinking of the power switch sticker… I’m tired… They distribute those big yellow buttons to teams? I’ve never seen one… Ever… Just throw a label on the space bar that reads “emergency stop”

OK thank you that will help.

Are you describing the physical button present at each player station behind the castle wall (a large round button mounted on a rectangular box)? If so, this is something that is a part of the field and will be mounted in the player station and will be able to provide an emergency stop for your robot at any point in time during the match.

If you’re not describing this button, what exactly are you looking for? What I mentioned early is the only one I know of.

Since E in E-Stop stands for emergency, let me clarify that spacebar is the estop when not on the field or when running on an unofficial field that delegates estop to the DS laptops. But when running on a field, space does nothing and the big red mushroom buttons are your emergency button.

Greg McKaskle

Are you talking about the USB-connected Big Red Button, with the word “STOP” on it, that was given to teams in 2010 or thereabouts?

If so, don’t worry about it. It acted as a keyboard and I think it sent a keypress of Control-Alt-Escape, but its function was taken over by the space bar on the Driver Station computer. Any time the robot is enabled, pressing SPACE will do an emergency stop.

If you really like using an external button, the one at http://usbbuttons.com/big-red-button/ should work great.