E09_2012 image help

I am trying to image my new e11 classmate for the first time. I took the supplied usb imaging tool and booted from it. It booted fine and it brought me to the screen with 4 choices, i choose 1 for re imaging. it went through a process of formatting and partitioning and then it says it completes on the bottom it says it succeeded but if i scroll up a bit it says imagex failed and it says failed to copy boot files. what do i do?
Also i looked at:
I tried to go to cmd and when i type: CD \ or MKDIR E09_2012 it doesn’t work. and for the XCOPY /S /E H:\ C:\E09_2012 command but with the letter path of my drive and it says “invalid drive specification 0 file(s) copied”

You use a mixture of contradictory terms, and that’s probably just inadvertent, but let’s make sure.

E09 is the older original model Classmate from 2010.

You have an E11, the newer Classmate from 2011 & 2012.

The USB procedure is really only for E09 restore sticks, not for E11.
Your symptoms don’t match the problem the USB procedure was meant to solve, which was a failure to boot from the restore stick at all. Although the Copy should work, that it doesn’t is only a distraction from your real problem, and wouldn’t make a difference to you if it did succeed.

It sounds like a file(s) on your restore stick might be corrupted.
The solutions for that is to 1) borrow another from a nearby team, or 2) request a replacement from [email protected]

Is there anyway you can download the E11 image and not have to get a new flashdrive or can someone post a rar of an E11 file on mega upload or somethin.