E3 2006

For all talk and goodness of E3 2006…

the biggest rumor i have heard so far is that The new ZELDA game will be on the WII not the gamecube and will be one of the launch titles.

This is through TIMES review of the WII where it mentioned slashing a sword in Zelda Twilight princess with the controller… we can dare to dream =D

I also hear Halo 3 demos/screen shots will be out tomorrow

Don’t forget the renaming of Nintendo Wii. Come on the name Wii is just too stupid to leave, they just did this to get everyone thinking about Nintendo at E3.

Also AutoDesk Maya is due to debut.

Is the Nintendo Wii same as the revolution?

Any word of an offical release date of the PS3? i have mine on pre-order already, just don’t know when its coming out

Wii = Revolution

Not in name, but still :wink:

I can’t wait, looks like Zelda has been made Wii exclusive with improved graphics and use of the Wii controller (dubbed the Wiimote :stuck_out_tongue: )

*BUMPING THE THREAD FOR ALL E3 talk not just Sony =D

As for zelda… it is NOT exclusive!!! it will be released on both the WII and GC on the same date AKA the Wii launch date =D

This looks incredibly fun.
Everyone wants Duck Hunt.

If the Revolution (I refuse to call it Wii) is at the $200 price point, and they have games like these, they’re going to win the console gaming market.

I don’t know, most people don’t realize it but that Cell processor in the PS3 is absolute ownage, 7 very fast cores!!! When game designers can finally harness its power, the games on the PS3 will be awe-inspiring. (Assuming that Sony doesn’t end up having huger delays or hardware problems)

Just as the PS2 was supposed to rival Pixar graphics? From what I hear the cell is fast, but hardly a powerhouse.

Zelda: Twilight Princess = Awsome
Super Mario Galaxy = Awsome
Metroid Prime 3 = Awsome
Red Steel = Even better now there is sword fighting

Project HA.M.M.E.R. Looks really awsome. Move with the Nunchuk controller and swing with the Wiimote… imagines swinging violently across the screen

Wii Sports just looks awsome. Swing a baseball bat or a tennis racket with the swing of the Wiimote.

Already, I can’t wait for this :smiley:

Oh yeah. Tons of new info on the Wii’s official site

It could be the fastest prettiest thing in the world, but for $500, I’m not gonna buy it. Especially if I can get the same entertainment value out of a $200 machine.

And… especially when you add maybe a few extra more $$$ to the PS3 price, you can get a pretty decent power PC. :wink:

Anybody know exactly how many more 'i’s I can add to the ‘Wii’ name because it looks like so much fun?

yay! This is going to be fun. I will start saving up :smiley:

I have to disagree with you there, and yes, in some games, they do harness pixar-type graphics, and the ps3 could be ranked among one of the top 10 fastest computers in the world, so I consider it a powerhouse. I can go into an hour discussion about it (since I am a Sony fanboy and Beta Tester) but I won’t. I am disappointed about no dual HDMI. Sorry if I am criticizing everyone but I like strongly expressing my opinions and Knowledge. On the topic of the Wii, I got to feel and try it. It’s great, but I had a hard time getting the right grip on the remote part of the 2 part controller. As for xbox 360, they should be shipped out with a hd-dvd built in rather than as an add-on, as I’ve only bought 3 major peripherals (Hard Drive (PS2), mic, and steering wheel) and and I wouldn’t buy an add-on like that just for movies unless all movies were only put out on HD-DVD.

Tomasz Bania

Show me a game, with Pixar like graphics.

Sony has really shot them selves in the foot.
$500 or $600 a ps3? HA! no way I’m paying that
GTA 4 coming out for both 360 and ps3 on the same day.

WII and 360 are going to rule the market.

Not to mention that PS3 controller looks awfully uncomfortable to play with. I’m an Xbox junky, and I know I’m not buying a Playstation, never have never will.

yep Sony has secured my purchase of a Xbox 360, i mean if you are going to steal another companies technology, at least steal it right.

I am a Sony junkie, most everything i have is made by them. (Laptop, Desktop, Movie Cam, Still Cam, Peripherals, PDA, Headphones, Speakers)

DEFINITELY buying a PS3. You left out that it is the most powerful computer you can buy. Period. It has a combined processing power of 14 TFLOPS. The XBox360 comes in around 2.5 TFLOPS. :yikes:

Not liking the new PS3 controller, but I’m sure they will come out with a classic controller or something for it. Can’t wait till AceCombat '06 comes out for PS3 too.

The only major thing I don’t like about the PS3 is that I can’t get Halo 3. But thats not a big enough reason to change my decision.


Do you have this too?

That whole business of Sony using what amounts to a Trojan horse attack on Windows users who use AutoRun to play a music CDs really diminishes their credibility as a corporation. That’s stooping to the level of Gator (or, as they like to be known nowadays, Claria).

(The above situation is only exacerbated by the fact that the software that it tries to install interferes with system settings for other applications, and has exploitable security flaws.)

That’s got to be the most ignorant statement that I’ve read all day. It’s got hardware that makes it good for performing floating-point operations, sure—but that’s a measure of a very specific kind of processing power. You just can’t compare floating-point performance with all the other things that a computer might be asked to do.

And as for the teraflop number, it’s a lie or an error. Consider that a teraflop is a trillion floating point operations per second. Go ahead and add the speed of the processors on the PS3 in GHz* (what was it, a Cell CPU @ 4 GHz and an nVidia GPU @ ≈1 GHz), to get about 5 GHz, then pretend that the processors can perform 4 floating point operations per clock cycle (e.g. 4 FPUs between them). That’s still only 20 gigaflops—and I’m generously overstating this estimate.

Now, there’s a possibility that they’re using some sort of trick with the vector units on board to boost FP processing power a bit (can’t SSE and AltiVec do this?), or maybe there are more FP capabilities on the GPU, but even then, it’s not going to account for a factor of 1000 in the numbers. And as a matter of fact, when a manufacturer quotes flops, they’re usually using a very highly-optimized test routine—basically, they design something that performs at the best-case scenario, and then pretend that that’s representative of normal conditions.

By comparison, look at real teraflop-class computers. If that number were sensible, it would place every PS3 at 18th in the world in flops—just above the 8192-processor ASCI Q cluster of HP Alphas (which is probably worth tens of millions of dollars).

*This add-the-GHz relation is a huge overestimate for multiprocessor systems under typical loads. Never use it to describe PC performance, without a clarifying statement like this one. I’m giving Sony the benefit of the doubt that all of the onboard processors can be used in parallel like this—in reality the architecture doesn’t permit it.

Ok i saw an invterview on G4tv on thier LIVE E3 Coverage… They had an inviterview with THE JOHN CARMACK! maker of doom, quake, wolf3d, etc etc… and he straight up bashed the living heck out of the ps3 because of HOW HARD it is to program for…

he was talking about how even though there is so much raw power that since non of the processors or all are A Symetrical that for each processor they have to write the code diffrently and also use a diffrent complier as where the 360 intergrates the processors ala less pure power but is 1 compliler 1 code… = easy coding… and they can get everything out of the system THAT MUCH EASIER…

so PS3 looks like it may be a flop espically if Blu-Ray doesnt hit big!!!