E4T Encoder Help

Our team is having issues with the E4T optical encoder. We have tried several different java examples and none have given us any success. We have them wired into the DIO ports on the rio which we aren’t even sure is right. We’re out of ideas at this point and would appreciate any help you can provide. I can provide any additional information you need.

Could you explain what you are seeing? What happens when you call the get() method? Is the result random? Is it backwards? Do you get a result at all?

If you’re using the cable from AndyMark, then the red (v+), brown/black (v-), and blue (signal A) wire should go to one DIO port, with the yellow (signal B) wire going to the signal header of another DIO port.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re doing everything listed in the screensteps article.

We get nothing at all

Have you double checked that the encoder disks have been correctly installed (on far enough) and not been destroyed by pushing them against the encoder optical sensor? We have had a number of team members learn how to put those together the hard way.

Our wiring was: left to right

DIO 0:
Ground (Black)
Power (Orange)
A (Blue) next to O

DIO 1:
B (Yellow) in pin directly next to 1.

Then we did the same thing for our other encoder in DIOs 2/3

Bimba cylinders are in the virtual KOP. Which means you have have to order them. Every team gets two from a list. The web page is here. Multiple people from the same team should not try to order cylinders from here. You can also order cylinders that you pay for from Bimba.com. Standard sizes ship quickly. Custom take a little longer.

Your first & 2nd mentor can access the virtual KOP web page from their dashboard. It has the required voucher codes for many of the items.

Our E4Ts are on our EVOs, installed by AM. We just cant get any readings from them. We will try them again tonight. Nothing seems damaged correctly, and we have our wires connected to the actual encoder correctly, but we will check over the rio connection.

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