Eagle Robotics 5417 - Prototype Dashboard

Hello everyone, I’m the Software Lead from Team 5417 Eagle Robotics, working on robotics for 7 years, and a 2021 FRC Dean’s List Finalist. Our software team has been hard at work to develop a quick tool that our Build Team can use when developing prototypes and testing new parts for our robot! It’s called the Prototype Dashboard.

The entire set of instructions for using it can be found at this Google Document, and the GitHub repositories are further down in the thread.

Currently, the program has options to test: Spark Max, TalonSRX, and VictorSPX motor controllers along with CTRE Solenoids. PID options are available on the Spark Max and will be coming soon to TalonSRX and VictorSPX controllers in the near future. If there are any requests for more devices please put them in this thread, and we will do our best to implement them. Additionally, other features such as settings will also be coming in future updates.

If you have been following our 2022 Build Thread, many of the parts shown there have been tested through the preliminary versions of this software, and now we’re releasing it to the public through a combination of Robot Code and a Client-Side program akin to SmartDashboard/Shuffleboard because we would like more teams to benefit from our software.


Github Repositories: Robot Code and Client Program

Eagle Robotics Build Thread: https://www.chiefdelphi.com/t/eagle-robotics-5417-2022-build-thread/401134/4

:eyes: might try it on our bot

TalonFX support?

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