Eagle Scout

As a very proud dad, I wish to announce:

My son Christopher Hideg has achieved Eagle Scout Rank, and is elected to the Order of the Arrow: Class of 2010, Team #910, Troop 360 MI, CD user Lucario231.

congrats, welcome to the Eagle scout family


I myself am an Eagle Scout in Troop 40 (another one of the Rochester troops). It’s great to see fellow robotics students earning this rank, especially during the robotics season on top of it :smiley:

And his name sounds familiar; was he at our Pontiac Airport Demo back during the summer?


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we were at the Oakland Airport open house summer 2009.

Life Rank, Order of the Arrow…many, many years ago! Congrats Christopher. Even though you may grow up to be a First Referee who misses calls and makes wrong calls they can never take those Scout achievements away from you!:yikes:

Congrats to Christopher and you. Watching his mother pin my son’s Eagle badge on him was even better than coaching him as a driver and winning a blue banner.

Congratulations Christopher! You will always be proud of this and it speaks volumes about your character. I got mine in 1975 and it’s still one of the accomplishments of my life I’m most proud of. Congratulations to your mom & dad too. It takes a great deal of family support to get to Eagle.

I hope to shake your hand (secret handshake) at a future FIRST event.

Congrats, Eagle is a fantastic achievement!

Congratulations Christopher! :slight_smile:

If you’re not 18 yet, I highly recommend that you become a Brotherhood member of the OA. It’s well worth your time.

As a fellow Boyscout and OA member I welcome you! And… congratulations on getting your Eagle! (Does this mean you get a sweet new 100-year anniversary rank advancement patch?)

If only I could find a project that would integrate robotics :rolleyes:


Congrats! As a fellow eagle scout I know the amount of work that you had to do and the type of person you have to be to achieve the rank of eagle scout.


Congratulations on becoming an eagle scout, it is a long path and hard work both from you and your family! Congratulations! If you are under 21 and still interested in what scouting has to offer, continue your involvement with the Order of the Arrow, there are many opportunities for leadership and service in the Order.
Congratulations Again!

As it seems, I, like many of others in robotics, am a fellow Eagle Scout, Brotherhood member of the Order of The Arrow, and a Firebuilder in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. I extend my greatest congradulations to Christopher and that he has accomplished. Welcome to the Rank of Eagle.

Congratulations Christopher!! Earning the Eagle Scout is no easy process and I’m glad to see another robotics member join the group. I hope your senior year has been incredible. Congratulations!

I can add nothing to what those have said above me other than you must add me to your long list of deserving handshakes. Please come and introduce yourself at champs if you get a chance. I have participated in 30 Eagle Scout awards ceremonies to date and look forward to each and every one. Please help your fellow scouts through their trail to Eagle.

From another OA Brother, and eagle scout, welcome to the family!

To an eagle scout and OA member from a fellow OA member and soon-to-be eagle, congratulations! way to balance the task of being in first and being a scout!

Woot! Welcome to the club!


Congratulations. I don’t know of two better organizations to be apart of.

Matthew Simpson
Team 75 Vice President of Technical