LET’S GO EAGLES!!! Who’s rooting for the birds and who’s for the bucs? E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!

Anyone who says no to an Eagles fan has a death wish. So… Go Iggies! (Please don’t hurt me for being from Florida…)

Who the hell edited my poll??? I put only two options on there for a reason!!! highly pissed off

Earl was right. Messing with an Eagles fan is something only a deranged man would do. Absolutely deranged. Or drunk.

We are very passionate about our teams. Problem is there are too many idiots out here who are willing to get violent over it…what jackasses…otherwise, what’s better for a football team than a whole city that REALLY backs them up?

I dunno. I’m from Miami. The city that doesn’t give a crap about its team. Watch Dolphins games on TV. They never even come close to actually selling out. TV companies actually have to buy the rest of the tickets so the game can be televised. It’s embarrassing. Doubly embgarrassing, or frustrating is the fact that they didn’t go to the playoffs this year. I blame the broncos. The jerks played too rough and injured Fiedler. Lucas was 2-4. Fiedler would have been 4-2 in that stretch easy…
Blargh, I say. BLARGGHHH!!

People, please don’t vote on that last option, the “pfft” thing; I didn’t put that there. A mod decided to modify my poll for no reason and without asking me. I don’t care if you don’t care about football, but I DO care about who you’re rooting for. Thanks. :mad:

I thought you were going to say something about Hotel California…

Guess I was wrong…

Oh, yeah.
I don’t care about football, at all.

GO BUCS!!! I just want to see them win a playoff game on the road. 0-7 isnt very fun :frowning:


Los Angeles doesn’t have a pro-football team, and I’m from Minnesota so therefore I root for the vikings. The Bucaneers always beat the Vikings so I don’t like the Bucaneers. Thus, I root for the Eagles.

As for the other conference, I’m not that keen on the upper half of my state and I sure don’t like those raiders so go Titans.

See football can be about logic…

Go Giants!
The boys from NY will be back next year…

(of course I can’t root for the Eagles, that would be almost as bad as cheering for the Cowgirls err… Cowboys)

I am not a very big fan of either team but I picked Tampa Bay because I think that they are a great team.

This thread is pointless…

everyone knows the eagles are gonna win…

JVNn- sorry about your Giants- Shockey’s mouth opened up too big this year-

Cowgirls… that word brings back good memories… unfortunately we stopped using that term after Irvin practically had his neck popped off

sigh Poor misguided people.

Hockey is much better than football.

I want it to be either Bucs vs. Raiders or Eagles vs. Titans

The Dolphins got hosed out of the playoffs, but they wouldn’t have made it all the way this year–
Next year on the other hand…

Why wouldn’t they have? They have the best cornerbacks in the league, the best sacker, the runningest running back, a wide variety of offensive maneuvers. I still say that without the injuries from those evil broncos they would have been a superbowl contender for sure. They beat the raiders handily even without Gadsden and the Raiders are probably going to win the conference tomorrow. They could have done it… They could have done it… Lousy Broncs…:frowning:

Just as many people voted for the eagles as for not caring. Says a lot about the people who visit these forums, doesn’t it?

*Originally posted by FotoPlasma *
Oh, yeah.
I don’t care about football, at all.
</edit> **

Yeah, same here!! I have a team I like, but then again I have team’s I like in all sports, it doesn’t mean I pay attention to how they do every year or really even care for that matter.

But college hoops is another story. Yeah. Go UCONN!! Can’t mess with teams that have had perfect seasons. :smiley:

*Originally posted by Harrison *
**sigh Poor misguided people.

Hockey is much better than football. **

Hockey is so much better than any typical American sport…

I just wish the Sharks weren’t sucking so much…


Heres my philosophy on professional sports-

How many FIRST teams could be funded for how long with just ONE paycheck the average professional athlete gets?

College sports, however, are a differant story, since most play for the enjoyment of playing the game, not for the large payoff of winning. Just my two cents.