Early Bird Control System

2009 control system inventory
Here are the contents of our early (November) “present” from FIRST.
And to think I was complaining about Christmas decorations being up before Thanksgiving.
I like presents :slight_smile:

So they are, in fact, having us use those huge DB-37 cables to connect the DSCs to the cRIO. :frowning:

Hopefully we will be allowed to replace them with ribbon cables.

I like seeing the 2 digital sidecars. Even though most teams won’t need more than 1.

In the past I’ve been a little critical of First for not providing value for the fees. I with draw my judgement. Dam those Jags are big!

It even includes the Wago Tool!

There is another photo pending that shows the Victor and Jaguar side-by-side. Those Jags are massive!

It seems to just be a fine blade. If we use a close match are there potential problems we should be wary of?
I just imagine having only one Waco tool means it will immediately be misplaced. :wink:

There are heretics among us who claim that The Wago Tool is nothing but a screwdriver. Heed not their false claims. Observe how The Wago Tool handles itself during these outbursts: The Wago Tool allows their fallacies to flow past itself unheeded, for it is above such petty insults. The Wago Tool holds within itself true knowledge of its function, which no external forces may sully.

One may attempt to use lesser tools, but Hark! Thou must still be true to the spirit of The Wago Tool. Insert the tool fully, in a graceful glide. Once sheathed in its Wago Connector Home, remove thy hand from the tool and insert the stripped wire. Gently remove the tool, and smartly tug the wire to verify your success.

that is no WOGO tool guys sorry but if you look the WOGO web site it says the WOGO tool has a “Partially insulated shaft makes this tool an optimal choice for connecting terminal blocks”


looks nice but man i hope they give us 5 more lbs

and the jags are shiny and nice but they big and i still have questions on there air flow

I’m pretty sure those “Wago Tools” serve a double life as “Wago promotional flathead mini-screwdrivers their sales reps hand out to potential customers”, of which I have several in my desk at work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think the ground will open up and swallow you whole if you use a slightly “irregular” mini screwdriver to get the job done.

That is a large number of of really big components to fit in a small space.

Are the joysticks comfortable (in ergonomic terms) & interchangable, or do we have two right-handed sticks again?
I’m not familiar with that brand.

Yes they are right and left handed. Can’t wait to use these things! (I am a Logitech fan boy) :stuck_out_tongue:


Nobody said they had to fit in a small space. Yet. We’ll see in January.

I am sure we can smash it in a very small space.

We might have to think outside of the box…

Realize that a lot of the things pictured do not go on the robot. Also, many of the components are optional (pending the official rules).

I wonder what the cost will be for just a 2nd CRio and Power Distro Board. Seeing many teams will have a spare Digital Side car and Analog Bumper.

I made it a point to try them out when More Robotics of Milwaukee came to Kokomo for a demo over the weekend. The joysticks are ambidextrous (i.e. left-right symmetrical) and don’t feel different when held with each hand. They return to center with relatively strong force, and will likely need to be firmly mounted to a base in order to be comfortable to use. They’re not as “smooth” around the center as the CH Flightsticks, but which is better is probably a matter of personal preference.

I don’t think there’s any mechanical calibration to get out of whack. That alone is going to make things a lot easier on the drivers.

I have a WAGO tool. It’s a screwdriver but sharp enough to cut yourself with. :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: accidentaly of course :yikes:

Don’t hold your breath on that one. There are some very compelling reasons to keep the entire robot weight below 150 lbs.
120 + 15 [bumpers] + 13 [battery] = 148

Both of these are just additional engineering challenges :slight_smile: Just like we face every day in industry. It’s all just part of the fun.

I believe the NI fellows that made the presentation at the IndianaFIRST forum said one extra package will be available to each FIRST teams for $650 (any more and you pay full price).