Early Game Manuals

Does anyone have the PDF’s for the earlier game Manuals, such as 1992-2002? I only found one link on here but it leads to a 404 error.

All archived game documentation can be found here: Archived Game Documentation | FIRST

That only goes back to 2002.

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oh yeah, I’m not sure where to find earlier than that.

FIRST-a-Holics had many of them and they can still be found on the web archive. Try links like: http://www.first-a-holics.com/competitions/1999/TheGame.pdf


Unfortunately the TechnoKats History Project is no more, so I believe the most complete repository of information is going to be on 358’s website.


It’s by no means fully complete, but it does have descriptions, diagrams, and some old rules files.

Wikipedia’s entry for at least some of the games has links to manuals from archive.org in the References section.

I Forget where the link is but I believe nasa also has a first history site


They are all here: FRC Games – FIRST-a-Holics


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