Early news from Philly

Posted by Joe Johnson, Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 3/13/99 5:07 PM MST

My team finally made the connection via telephone back to Michigan.

Some results (There are definite holes and no promised on mistakes) are in:

#1 Seed, #7 Black and Decker & Parkville, picked #47 Delphi & Pontiac Central
#4 Seed, #67 GM Milford Proving Ground & Huron Valley Schools, picked #121 NUWC & Middletown
#7 Seed, #314 Delphi & Carman - Ainsworth, picked #23 Boston Edison and Plymouth North

Other pairs, unknown seeds and who picked whom
#56 Ethicon & Bound Brook - #68 GM Truck & OTC Northwest
#64 GM Desert Proving Ground & Queen Creek - ???

The winners: The HOT team and NUWC
Congrats to both teams but especially to The HOT team. After 4 fouth place finishes (3 regionals and the Nationals) last year and a quarter final finish at the Motorola Regional two weeks ago, I am happy to see them finally get the big trophy!

The finalists: Delphi and Boston Edison
Congrats to both of you teams as well. Brother Delphi and Brother Bastoni: I salute you!

Other info,

It was rockem sockem robots! Many many falling robots in the elimination tourney.

The refs let the play on.


It is on to New England and Mid-Atlantic next week, and then…

The MOST AWESOME REGIONAL of the SEASON, 60 teams, 45 of which from the great state of Michigan, THE GREAT LAKES REGIONAL.

Buckle your seat belts folks, it is going to be a bumpy ride!!!

Joe J.

Posted by Raul, Engineer on team #111, Wildstang, from Rolling Meadows & Wheeling HS and Motorola.

Posted on 3/13/99 10:55 PM MST

In Reply to: Early news from Philly posted by Joe Johnson on 3/13/99 5:07 PM MST:

Thanks for the update. I still am curious to know how many teams actually competed and how many qualification matches they each got to play.


Posted by Johnny Bledsoe, Engineer on team #116, Robo-Hoboes, from Herndon High School and NASA Headquarters.

Posted on 3/14/99 4:59 AM MST

In Reply to: ?? How Many Matches ?? posted by Raul on 3/13/99 10:55 PM MST:

Our team (#116 Robo Hoboes) just completed in the Philly Regional (55 teams). Although we didn’t perform too well we had fun and watched some tough alliances with some awesome robots. Every team played 6 matches.
We scouted the Chicago Regional where I think 35 teams competed and got to play 10 or 11 matches. I thought the Philly competion was much more physical. Team 68 tore some teams up! It seemed like the top 8 seeds were on the ball in picking their alliance partner.
The pairings and matchups…
Seed 1 Team 7 picked Team 47
Seed 2 Team 334 picked Team 221
Seed 3 Team 64 picked Team 175
Seed 4 Team 56 picked Team 68
Seed 5 Team 177 picked Team 145
Seed 6 Team 67 picked Team 121
Seed 7 Team 176 picked Team 190
Seed 8 Team 314 picked Team 23

Seed 8 (314/23) beat Seed 2 (334/221)
Seed 4 (56/68) beat Seed 5 (177/145)
Seed 6 (67/121) beat Seed 3 (64/175)
Seed 7 (176/190) beat Seed 1 (7/47)

Seed 8 (314/23) beat Seed 4 (56/68)
Seed 6 (67/121) beat Seed 7 (176/190)

Seed 6 (67/121) beat Seed 8 (314/23)

All in all a great competion! Hopefully we’ll do better in Florida!

See ya there!
Johnny B.