Early X-Mas Presents???

Today this cool little elf told me FIRST has an early X-Mas present in store for the teams…:wink:

What is it you ask???

Well as the elf was leaving he dropped a list and on that list there was a deliver by 12-20-01 and it had all the teams listed on it; no check offs on it yet, but i looked on what the gift was and it said BOM on the top of the column…

Then i thought to my self well what a surprise, cool x-mas gift too…

Do u guys think this little elf dude was trying to trick me?? (probably not)

:smiley: :slight_smile:

Elves in Kokomo?

I just had to miss that meeting… i really wanted to see the elves! :frowning:

Is it Segway’s? Are they going to give all the teams Segways?
I can’t wait till 12/20!:wink:

Joseph, BOM = bill of materials. It’s a list of materials needed to build the field, but obviously not the detailed plans. People brought this topic up at the post season meetings, and there have been rumors about it for some time. It looks like it’s actually going to happen though.

Have the Technokats received & opened their present yet?


I still want them to give me a Segway.

*Originally posted by Mike Soukup *
**Have the Technokats received & opened their present yet?

Mike **

Nope… no presents here. We don’t know much more than diddly.

What we do know is this: FIRST will be releasing the playing field BOM on their website about this time next week. So, keep watching the FIRST site.

This way, all teams will be receiving the playing field BOMs at the same time, and they will have time to buy parts before the kickoff.

Andy B.

This is pure speculation, but, since FIRST may release a field BOM to teams earlier than kick off, would it be too far out to suggest that we might be looking at a big change from previous years as far as field construction is concerned?

I mean, pipe was pretty standard for the field in years past, and my teams have kept some of it on hand to save time after kick off. But, now, since we’ll have several additional weeks to procure parts, might this mean that things will be either vastly different, or maybe just a bit more esoteric?

I’d like a Segway too, Joseph :wink: but I’m not getting my hopes up about the 20th.
I think you may be right Michael. While putting out the BOM early would let teams get going on the field sooner than previous years, is that the only reason that FIRST has decided to release it early? I dunno. Perhaps they want to release it early to allow time to gather hard-to-find parts, or maybe to allow for added time that will be required to construct a part of the field that is complex. I just hope water is not on the BOM :wink: no water debates, please.

My guess is this is just a response to the team forum where there were some complaints about about availability of materials for building the field. I’ve been told (in a rather roundabout way) that the player station was mostly staying the same from last year, but that’s all I know.


I felt special at the meeting cause I was taller than all the elves! lol

Well, we got a new website on the 20th, but as to a BOM, nothing yet…