Earth Hour! Save the world one lightbulb at a time!

Motorola’s Headquarters is doing it, the whole city of Chicago is doing it, even my college is doing it! So should you!

Participate in Earth Hour, an event that kicks off in Australia and will roll on out through the rest of the world with several US cities participating.

Its so easy to participate even a monkey can do it.
Here’s what you do.
Turn off all unnecessary lights from 8 to 9pm on March 29th and don’t drive your car, moped, motorcycle etc. Bikes are ok.
For more help/info on getting into Earth Hour you can register at or just ask me!
The world will love you!


Awsome! I’m totally gonna do that!

We got a memo about this from the front office here at work. I hope it spreads globally, I’ll be doing my part.

I will be participating if I don’t need to be somewhere. If I do, then I’m driving. I’ve never been one to ride a bike for 5 miles. Hey, anyone know what kind of effect this will have on the economy? I think we might be hurting the economy to help the eco-system. Just a thought to consider. To all of you who want to do this though, have fun.

its almost earth hour for me, too bad its not dark enough outside

lol I participated in Earth hour accidentally because I was sleeping, even though I knew about it from Google’s homepage.

Yeah, google’s image was kind of cool. Maybe they should make it so you can choose to make it that way permanently.

Hm…i just had an idea. Does anyone want to help me set up some sort of Conservation or Earth Awareness thing in Atlanta? We would have to plan it out but anyone up for it? PM me or leave it here.

P.S-I expect PM’s or posts from veteran teams and CD veterans. This may be something cool that we can all help with. Please tell me what you think!