Earthquake/Tsunami Help

Team 871 is trying to organize our community and school to come together to help those who were affected by the Earthquake/Tsunami. What we are doing is contacting our local Red Cross and asking what they need in the way of donations. We are going to do whatever we can to get our school, community, etc. involved by setting up flyer’s and contacting the news to spread the word and get donations.

 What we are asking is if you all would also do whatever you can. Contact your local Red Cross center or any relief center that would donate to the tragedy. There will be more information on upcoming posts of our donation centers on Long Island.

 Not to sound Cliché but this is our chance to show how FIRST students can make an impact on the World.

Having just gotten an update I’ve learned that the only thing the Red Cross needs is $.

Reason being :

“Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to
purchase bulk amounts of food, water, medicine, clothing, etc. as close
as possible to the disaster sites. This will enable them to distribute
relief items faster and save money on shipping. Many transportation
routes in these areas have been destroyed and to ship items from the
U.S. would be costly and time consuming” (got a mail back from our local Red Cross)