Eastern Pennsylvania - Local Battery and Charger Source

I want to start by saying, I LOVE ANDYMARK!!! But,

I recently found an excellent company located in Quakertown, PA that can get the Enersys NP18-12 batteries in about a week. They also have a variety of chargers, and can deliver these items in one of their normal runs to your area.

Also, If your school or organization is a member of COSTARS (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Purchasing Program) there are deep discounts on the batteries and chargers.

The company name is:

Warehouse Battery Outlet, Inc.

Timothy C. Ruth
33 S. 14th St.
Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 538-3112
(800) 953-6664
Fax (215) 538-7313

Nice find, thanks for the info! What are the discounted prices like?

Just a word of caution: Make sure it is the exact brand and model battery. I have seen many posts on CD where a supplier said they could deliver such a battery, and it turned out to be a different manufacturer’s “equivalent” product.

While these are generally electrically the same, the rules from 2012 were very specific, and I don’t anticipate the 2013 rules to be different.

It only takes a specific question to verify they are supplying the Enersys brand and not an equivalent.

Good find though! :smiley:

Akash: I only received a qoute based on COSTARS pricing. $39.50 per battery, and the GO Charge 3 bank charger for $153.85. A note of caution: your organization has to be a member of COSTARS to get that pricing.

Don: They are an Enersys supplier. I confirmed with the vendor that they are specifically the Enersys NP18-12.

Hope this information helps.



To add to don’s concern we have had teams in the past receive the FR battery which is fire rated. The Q&A in the past has stated this battery was not legal. I don’t know why, it is the same battery with a slightly different material in the case. Just be sure if you buy it before kickoff.

We received the batteries and they are exact legal versions of the FIRST FRC battery