Easy C, Missing from KOP?

We have not found the easy c in the kop. Any idea where it can be found.

we have had the same problem, it doesnt seem to be in the kop

Look at the checklist for the KOP, if it is on the checklist, but not in the KOP, you will need to fill out paperwork and send it in to FIRST.

If you have to fill out paperwork, you can only do it once, so make sure you inventory everything else as well, to catch any other missing parts.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:

We can’t find any trace of it, even on the checklist.

Its not in our KOP and no sign of it. Maybe you have to buy the vex programing kit to get it.

from the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition Software Overview

Intelitek is providing one license of easyC free to all teams with the opportunity to purchase additional seats. Teams will receive an email from intelitek with their license key for downloading the software on Monday January 09, 2006. The software will be available for download at 12:00 EST. that day.

Bah, easy C is silly. Be a man, write all your code as code. If you have any questions/problems i will be in the programming forum :-D.

http://www.usfirst.org/robotics/2006/2006frcsoftwareoverview.htm says that it will be available for download at http://www.intelitekdownloads.com/FRC2006/ but I don’t see it there yet.

I am guessing that this is not for mac :frowning:

one of the documents from first had a note that the software tool will be available on monday the 9th for download.
it also indicated that only one seat is activated. this will make it very difficult for our team to use, since we work on our own computers, and not team computers.

jerry w

Note that the Software Overview page says that teams will have “the opportunity to purchase additional seats”.

For writing the competition program for FRC, I agree. But for testing ideas and mechanical systems before the “real” program is done, EasyC might be great. It lets even non-programmers put together simple programs very easily.

Assuming it works something like the version for Vex, it will give us a quick and easy way to test I/O, run motors, etc. via the Loader:


Again assuming it’s similar to EasyC for Vex, the Intelitek license is for one seat only. It is transferable from one computer to another, but you have to go through de-authorizing from the old, installing and authorizing on the new PC. Not something you want to do if you can avoid it.

The FRC EasyC will be very similar to the Vex EasyC 2.0. Word on the streets is that there will be CMUcam blocks, which will allow a simple drag-and-drop way to program in the CMUcam. This rocks! :smiley: Never mind prototyping code, I think that there will be a large number of teams that actually use EasyC 2.0 for their actual coding of the robot. Learning a new programming language can always be a daunting task for novices, so anything that makes learning C programming easy and undaunting and all while having a boat of advanced features is a winner in my book. Finally, I think this is the year most teams will have amazing autonomous programs!

I would like to announce to everyone that transferring the licenses is not as hard or as difficult as everyone says it is. I can speak from first hand knowledge, as my old laptop which I had EasyC installed upon kicked the bucket. After getting a new laptop, I had EasyC up and running on my new laptop very quickly and without any hassles. Intelitek is very willing to help if you ever have any issues. :slight_smile:

I agree that easyC will be very useful for anyone who does not know C all that much, finds the default code somewhat daunting (like myself :yikes: ) or if you want to whip up a custom drive program lickity-split. And I’m also almost 100% sure that there will be camera blocks for you to use in easyC. During some testing, I saw a group of programmers from a FIRST team (high school aged with adult help) get the camera tracking a vision tetra from last year, and following the tetra with the robot in a fashion similar to Mr. Lavery and his Hawaiian shirt, within three hours.

Not half bad for a GUI programming interface. Personally, I believe that with the introduction of easyC for FRC and LabView, robot programming in FIRST will be changed forever (for the better mind you :slight_smile: ).

EasyC is ready for Download. Your mentor will receive an e-mail with the
CDKey within the Next 24 Hours. You can run it in evaluation mode till
you get it registered.

If they do not please e-mail: [email protected]