Easy C pro help !!

HI to all

and all those who help Thanks alot(excluding viewers only) lol

my question is

Can i use the OITorelay with the limit switch?how?
Can i program the buttons on the joystick for the limit switch?

Thanks alot

I think one of us may be confused by your question. Where does the limit switch figure into this? OIToRelay simply takes an input from one of the OI ports and sends it directly to a relay (Spike). Do you want to wire a limit switch to an OI port? Maybe I’m not getting what you think a limit switch is.

Well no i just want to hook up a lmit switch so the gliders that we are making stop at a certain point. This way the motors will not burn out so let me restate my question

How do i hook up the limit switch to the robot controller ?
because the limit switch will be on the gliders and the wires will go down into the robot controller
therefore i need to know how to connect the two


one more question

what does “retrieve” refers to