Easy C programming Problem


Ok, so we have the programming kit and easy c version 2.8.1. We installed everything and downloaded pretty much everything we could from vexlabs. However, for some reason, we get an error saying “There were linking errors! see output window for details”. I looked up linking errors, but it didnt seem to fit our situation, we were only trying outthe default coding.

I then checked out the IFI loader, and found that it could not detect the compiler =. I am totally confused.

Could it be, that we did not install easy c version 1.1?

Appreciate the help


What did the output window say?

it doesnt say anything…

I am very very worried that this is because we only installed version 2.8.1 and not version 1.1.

Can anyone tell me if that is the problem, because then I would need to get a version 1.1 CD and it takes a very long time to ship it to Canada…

You may want to try PMing Adam. He is one of the guys behind the EasyC concept, and very good at explaining things.


easyC V2.8.0.1 does not require V1.1 to be installed. V2.8.0.1 is the current version shipping with all the programming modules.

There are a couple of things you can do:

Open a new project and select the Compile Project icon. You should get a message “The project was compiled successfully”. Do you still get linking errors?

If you still have linking errors, try reinstalling the software. Maybe the compiler did not install correctly.

If you downloaded the install, try downloading it again. Maybe the download was corrupted?

Check out the Getting Started section of the easyC help file. The are several steps you can walk through to test easyC and the programming module. This will help pinpoint the problem.

If you are still having trouble, email us [email protected].


Thank you so much, IT WORKS!!!

Lol it seems that our other labtop doesnt work(could it be because its korean?), so we just bought a new one. Thanks for your help.