Easy C programming

I am looking for some help programming in Easy C while we are in Portland.
We got the robot to do main functions… drive, steer, some autonomus but just need some help doing some finishing touches.

We are team 1887.
Ask for mentor Jeff.


What are these finishing touches that you need help with?

I’d be happy to help if I have time.

Same, if I have time, I’d love to help.

I have a 2 limit switches and I think I need an IF, IFELSE statement.

Also we got the IR sensor programed to the TV remote the day before it shipped but no time to program it in Easy C.

Thanks for responding.

What are the limit switches for? If they are for the arm, I had a similar problem and you can help looking here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64416

I can help you more if you need it…

Our team had the opposite thing happen to us lol…we had a good limit switch code at ship date, but our IR sensor broke somehow. Anyways, good luck.

I’m up to help (hell, I have 3 weeks of nothing to do now…).

I can help( but not at your regional.)