"easy"C v2.0: When upgrades go bad.

Hello, I’m hoping we can get some help with this.
Alex and I, the Team 40 coders have just spent the past two and a half hours attempting to get the easyC 2.0 upgrade working.

We followed the easyC 2.0 free upgrade instructions on usfirst.org, installed the update and emailed intelitek for the cd key.

Intelitek sent us a non-working cd key.

We’ve been running the software in trial mode, trying to get stuff going, anyway.

We can’t get any code to download to the controler. After much pulling out of hair, we managed to send the v11 master update to the controller (We are using the 04/05 controllers from the demo last year)
We can’t get anything else sent. It gives us this message
“The device you are attempting to download to does not match the device selected in the ‘Select Device’ dialog. Please verify that your device match or deselect the 'Verify & Download option in the ‘Loader Setup’ dialog.”

We’ve tried swapping devices in the ‘Select Device’ dialog. We can send code to it if we turn off the “Verify & Download” option, but it won’t respond correctly. We’ve placed random “PrintToScreen” events in the code, but none of them ever execute.

Any ideas? We’re getting pretty sick of the whole thing. (Alex has gone bald.)

May I suggest calling intelitek support. I’m pretty sure that if you CD key is not working, they can give you a replacement, or perhaps help you to get the current key working. I don’t know their number, but it may be in some of the literature you recieved, or perhaps check intelitek.com.

Sorry about the issues you are having with EasyC. I have sent you an
e-mail. Everything seems to ok with your key on our end we show
you registered EasyC V2 about 1hr after this post.

Also, it sounds like you are trying to program the FRC controler
with VEX software which doesn’t work. We are only at MasterCode
V6 for VEX.

We solved the problem via email. The problem was totally on my end.

On one of our test systems, we somehow managed to install the FRC easyC 2.0 upgrade, not the FVC one. I’m still amazed that we managed to update the MasterCode on our little Vex controller with a FRC file.

Our other test system was running Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 5.5. Apparently, the easyC 2.0 registration mechanism prefers IE6. An IE service-pack later, problem solved.

I’d like to thank Adam & Intelitek for the tech support & helping us get this running. :slight_smile:


Speaking as the mentor of Team 40, I really appreciate the help from Intelitek and the kingofl337 in sorting out the compatibility issues. We zipped several e-mails back and forth with the helpdesk over a 24 hour period before the nonobvious issues became obvious; Adam’s responsiveness and persistence in this was outstanding. In fairness, I hope everyone who notices the frowning face that started this thread also sees my posting here.