I am the only programmer on my team and we are going to be prototyping on previous years robots and their IFI systems using easy c. Is easy c a one year license? Will we need to get another license? The robots have already changed drastically since their time and we wont have anything capable of running for demos if i can’t get this to work!

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EasyC is a forever license, delegated specfically to the PC. If you need to change PCs you can transfer the license to another PC.

Additional licenses are available for purchase at http://shop.intelitek.com.


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Another question somewhat related
Where is the license activation located?

I think it works unactivated for 30 days without a license, but if you need it for more than that then you need to get one.

I think you can get it here: http://www.intelitek-shop.com/index.php?cPath=2_25&osCsid=0c162edea02e9b1e340d0a5d87c619db

The CD Key should be located on the disk holder or have been emailed to you, depending on how you purchased.



One more question is the easy c that we got for frc is that a 10 seat license or a single seat?

It is a single seat - feel free to call tech support or email support @ intelitek . com if you have any licensing problems. I no longer work in support, but the guys over there will be more than happy to help you.

we found the computer we used in 2007
it still has easy c on it YAY!