Easy Control Values on Dashboard

My team has spent a lot of time on building and deploying code when only changing one constant. In lou of the lack of progress we edited the project code and the dashboard code to quickly change our Drive parameters and tune our drive system without having to build out code every time we changed the constants.

 In our project, where the parameters were, we put network table reads. The default values were first put in and then put into an array so the numbers can go into groups. After we made the values and put it into the right inputs, my team put the correct file paths for the string on network table read. On the right side of the reads we then unbundled the numbers and put the values into the right inputs.

 After we finished the reads in the project, my team went to write the numbers in the back panel in the dashboard code. Once we got all the right controls for the arrays and bundled them we put the write to the network tables onto the back boards with the corresponding strings attached to them. 

Caution: if you do this you don’t want to have corresponding control names to the path string on the writes or corresponding names on the front panel. It will conflict with the values you are putting in.

Had you considered just using front panel controls for these parameters and ‘running’ instead of ‘deploying’ to tune the drive system? Has the benefit of being built into LabVIEW so you don’t need any extra code.