Easy Coopertition Stack Planning Guide


I made this sheet with the idea that it would be a good resource for many teams to assist in the planning of the crucial Coopertition Stack for competition. The concept is that you round up all 6 teams that you will be playing a qual match with and agree upon a plan of attack for the Coopertition Points. The sheet is fairly self-explanatory but I am happy to answer any questions about it :slight_smile:

Also it you want to reuse the sheet consider laminating it and using a dry erase marker to use one sheet multiple times during the competition.

Attached is the pdf version of the planner which has 2 sheets per page.

Coopertition Planning Sheet.pdf (234 KB)

Coopertition Planning Sheet.pdf (234 KB)

Useful for sure! Thanks.


Can you add spaces for each team to sign? - just kidding.

Oh god…not that again. :smiley:

Let me just whip up the co-op blacklist real quick.

I would change the time to seconds after autonomous mode ends, rather than seconds left in the match. There is very little reason to “save” co op totes until the end. It’s not like the bridge in 2012 - once the bonus is secured you can still use your robot to score.

Awesome job, I’ll probably be carrying one of these around at TVR and FLR.

Honestly way to complex… here ya go

  1. Co-op stack effort or not? Y or N
  2. If yes,do you agree not to throw noodles until co-op is done? Y or N

Well planning to do Co-op with other alliances can sometimes be very complex. Simply asking the other alliance whether they can do Co-op is not good enough to ensure a strategy for Co-op in the actual match at times. You need to ask what team will place them on first along with how many they will place on first and so on with other teams. Teams should fill it out by communicating with their alliance members and opposing alliance members to create a crucial organized game-plan for Co-op. Trust me this sheet would of been very helpful at our 1st regional. I think it’ll also eliminate confusion between alliance members and your opposing alliance members about Co-op because its a tricky process.

Anyway kudos to ThunderousPrime for creating this sheet it’ll be very useful!

You can sign it on the back - just kidding. :slight_smile:

I chose to word it that way because that is the way the time counts down that the coach sees during the match. This way the coach doesn’t have to do any math in their head if the agreed upon coop time is later in the match. For example if the designated coop time is 100sec to go you simply wait until the time says 100 sec and yell to the drivers to begin coop.

That makes a lot of sense. Nice chart; I can’t wait to see it in use.

I’m going to translate this into French for when we compete in the Montreal Regional. I’m wondering if anyone wants me to translate it to any other language (especially Spanish with the Mexico Regional approaching).