Easy triple climb solution

Many teams this year are working on incredible and unique mechanisms to get multiple climbs. While 1836 has no immediate plans to add climbing functionality, I thought I might share my latest idea for how to implement a triple climb with ease.

Step 0: Email blast the teams at your event encouraging them to bring Steamworks climbers/ropes.

Step 1: Climb on your own.

Step 2: Drop down two Airship davits (or creatively engineered equivalent) holding your partner’s ropes.

Step 3: Be happy there’s no touchpad poorly designed climbers can miss.

See you at AZN North! :wink:

Rules are rules, please don’t reuse parts you’ve made before build season

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this is wonderful and terrifying at the same time


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Solid! Will heed your advice at Lake Superior… Good luck to our favorite robot at AZ North!

I feel like this is a solid cheese-caking strategy for DCMP / Half Champs.

This is illegal because it would cause your bumpers to be outside of the bumper zone due to the ropes becoming the bottom of your robot.

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Unless you hang vertically.

Or, don’t climb yourself. Just attach something to the rung with two ropes hanging down, and back away to the switch, paying out a string to keep it “attached”. Then the other two bots climb the dangling ropes.

No, it would be legal provided the ropes are flexible enough to allow the robot to stay in the bumper zone when placed on the ground.


I love that this idea keeps resurfacing.

Not at all. When the robot is suddenly placed on a flat floor, the ropes would hit the floor and coil / deform, leaving the bumpers within the bumper zone.

If this was how the rule worked, any climber that drops anything below the surface of the platform (like 118) would be illegal, but the Q&A is very clear on this one.

I stand corrected. I still prefer ramps over this idea because all you need to do is drive forward instead of adding a winch on your robot. However I would like to see it attempted at some point.

Called it.

Absolute unit

Well somebody had to do it:D

This was on our field and I totally missed it. That’s hilarious, I wonder what the climber cheesecake looked like.


Remains relevant for 2019 game