Easy way to help a team win a donation! (10 seconds of your time)

Hi everyone!

If you could help Team 1729 win a $500 donation, we’d be super grateful! One of our local HVAC companies will donate to the group receiving the most votes between now and 7/25.

The link is here: http://choosesanford.com/community/You can vote daily, if you have time!

Thank you!


Voted. Took 5 seconds.


Done! Hope you win!

Done. Good luck! Nice team number as well (Ramanujan taxicab number)

Just voted. Sorta odd to see how a company will let people vote (with monetary implication) without much of any background info on the organizations they are voting for, but I won’t complain about an extra $500 going to a robotics team. Good Luck!

Thank you so much for all the votes!

Marcus, I suspect that part of the reason why there’s not a lot of information about the possible recipients is because either they’ve already been vetted (we started this process in January or February 2017) or because we’re in an area with a lot of small towns so many people just know the local organizations.

Again, thank you!


voted. looks like you’re doing great-

249-94-15 you’re winning so far!

Yep, you’re in the lead by quite a lot. Hopefully ChiefDelphi doesn’t flood it so much that they begin to question the validity of the vote…

Voted. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Voted. Good luck.

Voted! (And from where the votes are right now, it seems the power of ChiefDelphi truly is unstoppable.)

I just went to vote again today and when I saw the number of votes, I knew it was everyone here! Robotics people are wonderful!

Thank you again,


I tried voting again today but was blocked with a message saying something like “You have already voted”. I will try again from home.

Just voted. Good luck! (but from what it looks like now, y’all are doing great!)

Always looking for a way to help out! Will be back at it tomorrow. No doubt that you will win.



Voted. Happy to help a fellow NE team.