EasyC master code issues

I am currently in the process of programming our two vex robots, one of which needed a master code update. I am having a problem loading the code onto the controller. It put itself into the state of solid program light, which does not change when I remove the serial cable, turn it off, etc. but will not respond to any attempt to load the master code onto it (computer says it cannot find controller). However, the same computer and programming cable work fine for downloading normal programs onto our other vex controller, which already has master code v7. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get the master code onto our controller?


Did you use the red cable to tether the joystick board (while it is turned on) to the robot rc board and set it to PROG mode and then dl the code? I am not sure about vex, but for FRC you have to do this. Downloading code doesn’t require the tether cable.

I had a problem like this when I was messing around with vex once.

Try re-downlaoding the default code that the brain had preprogrammed in it when you got it, you can find it in EasyC. Then check to see if the default code works. Test the motors and make sure they respond to the joystick and what not. If it does go ahead and update the master code. After you do that re-downlaod your code back into the brain. If all goes right it should work again.

If it doesn’t work try downloading the defective code into the robot that already has the v7 in it. If the same thing happens it may be something in the code, but I don’t think that would be the problem.