easyC pro code needed

i found a thread dincluding a C code for mecanum wheels but i’m looking for an easyC pro code.

i’m using 4 wheels drive and i wanna ask if anyone have an easyC pro code for Mecanum wheels 8".

thanks for helping

If you or someone on your team has an knowledge if C and the default code, I wouldnt expect it to be too hard to translate the code from plain C to EasyC. If you post a link to the code, I can help you decipher it.


This is for 4 wheel mecanum.


I downloaded your program and it didn’t work well , it seems to be designed for xbox 360 joystick
can you send me a code for a regular joysticks for 2 ports :smiley:

thanks:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

There was a small “bug” in the code the Spin joystick was the same port as the Y translation joystick. I’ve updated the code but you can just update the version you downloaded.