easyC Pro help!


This year is our first one in the competition, and we have a bit of problems with the programing. We are using the EasyC Pro, and we understood there is a base code developed by First, and that it can be dowloaded from their site.
We’ve downloaded the file and it contains many files (.h , .c). We would like to know how do we use them to begin our project, using the program we are working with? How do we use them?
For example- we want to use the joystck’s buttons, we know the code for it is in the file ifi_aliases, how do we add it to our project?

If someone can give us an explanation about these files, and the project, it would be very helpful.

team 2209

Your a little mixed up you downloaded two diffrent parts of diffrent ways to program. Open the help file in easyC and use the getting started section. It has 14 tutorials on learning how to program your robot.