EasyC Pro Programming?

Hi I’m a member of FRC team 2417 and I am having a hard time figuring out how to program the robot with EasyC pro. We have a basic setup based on the electronics diagram, so which motors (1-16) would I use for the radio control, or am I totally on the wrong track?

You have to find out what port the motors are plugged into. Like you said, it could be 1-16.

If you want the joystick values to be sent directly to the motors, expand the “RC Control” function block and drag in the appropriate function.


The cool part is that YOU determine that in software.

Open a new competition project.
Drag a While loop into Main, and set it “While (1)” - that’ll make it run forever.
Inside the while loop, drag a “2 wheel tank” block in there, and define the PWM ports and joystick ports. (I think you define them there?)
Connect the motors (through vicotrs) to those ports, connect the joysticks, and see them work. 5 minutes of programming and downloading. Easy C.


I put the tank2 in the While loop and it took off as soon as we turned it on. How do I get it to respond to the controller?

Some tips Gizmo to make your life easier:

  1. Put your robot up on blocks (wheels off the ground) before turning it on for testing.

  2. Get or make a competition port dongle. This lets you disable/enable the robot as well as switch between autonomous and operator control.

  3. Use the tutorials in the EasyC help menu.

  4. If you are using the kit joysticks, make sure you have the trims set properly. When you turn your robot on and your joysticks are in neutral, all of the Victors should be ORANGE. Adjust the joystick trims to make this so. If adjusting the trims does not work then you will have to calibrate your Victors.

How do you calibrate the victor? I read something about the joystick being pressed forward and back?

Check out the Victor884 manual. Make sure your joysticks are trimmed properly before doing the calibration, though.