EasyC Pro updating libraries

Importing libraries in easyc pro is easy. BUT if you change a library how to you update that library in all the projects you use it in?

When you try to import that library again it says it has duplicates. Is there a way to import a library you are using with new updates in it?

You can delete existing functions that library uses, but that is a mess because of the dependencies etc.


Doug, the best bet currently is to create a new project. Then import the functions from your previous existing program using “Add Existing Function”. A easyC library will import multiple functions and variables that would be difficult to keep track of and update. These imported features are not protected so the variable or function could have been modified.

Basically that is what I decided, good to have someone confirm it.

I am generating a “base” library with all my various functions and import from that.

I do wish they had real libray that could be linked, oh well still a good product especially for a part time programmer.